Within a week you can be ‘Test Ready’ after taking one our Intensive Driving Courses!

Previously known as crash courses (we never liked the sound of that term!) Intensive Driving Courses gives you the opportunity to gain the skills to pass your driving test confidently and the skills needed for safe driving for life in a shorter period.

The Benefits

  • Learn at a very fast rate
  • The fact that lessons are condensed means that little is forgotten the next lesson
  • Saves you a huge amount of time and money as you will not be required to book as many lessons.
  • This also helps the instructor to get to know your strengths and weaknesses easier
  • Overall this gets you ready to be on the road in reduced amount of time

The intensive Driving Lessons are built around your availability and needs.



Book an Intensive Course today and get 30 hours for only £690!

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*East London only

Intensive Driving Lessons prices

  • 10 hours £240
  • 20 hours: £470
  • 30 hours: £690
  • 40 hours: £900
  • 50 hours: £1050

Test fees are not included in the above prices.

  • Theory Test: £25
  • Practical Test: £62
  • Weekend Practical Test: £75

So if you want to get on the road quick and safely as possible get in contact with us today.

Once you have completed our intensive driving course and pass your driving test you will automatically be entitled to 35% off our Pass plus course.

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